Tulsa Gum Contouring

Tulsa Gum Contouring

Dentistry For You has a team of dedicated professionals whose goal is to restore and maintain the health and beauty of your smile. Gum contouring is a procedure that can be done for both dental health reasons and cosmetic reasons. Gum contouring can help change the look of your gums. If you don’t like your smile due to uneven or excessive gums, contouring can help sculpt your gums to your ideal. Gum contouring is a dental procedure that slightly reshapes and crops gum tissue.

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Do I Need Tulsa Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is often a personal choice based on cosmetic preferences. Many patients whose gums extend out over their teeth will choose gum contouring to correct this appearance. However, sometimes gum contouring is needed for dental health reasons. Excessive gum tissue can be detrimental to dental health in some cases. When there is extra gum tissue, there is more space for bacteria and plaque to hide. Without this excess gum tissue, it is much easier to clean and ensure the health of your mouth. If you’re experiencing any gum recession, gum contouring might also be the best solution. Rather than taking gum tissue away, our dentist will graft more onto the exposed places of your teeth.


Our team at Dentistry For You wants you to have a healthy smile, but we also want you to feel confident wearing it. Our team offers Tulsa gum contouring for health and cosmetic benefits. No matter your needs, give us a call today. Our team can help guide you on the best dental path forward.

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